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Pale Ale

Pale Ale Salto Pale Ale is unfiltered, unpasteurized, yellow-gold ale with aromatic hops, offering a distinctive balance between tropical notes (like grapefruit, tangerine, and elderflower) and soft pleasant bitterness. Inspired by American IPA beer style (India Pale Ale), Salto Pale Ale has a very hoppy flavor, but with less bitterness and a lower alcohol content than a classic American IPA. The result is smooth, full-bodied and refreshing beer.

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  • 5.7% Alcohol
  • 35 IBU Bitterness
  • 8 EBC Color
  • 4˚C Serve Chilled
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About Us

Goran, CEO Salto

It began in 2013 with a small brewing project only meant to be shared with our close friends. After much experimentation we had something special which we wanted to share with the rest of the world. We began brewing commercially with Belgian brewmasters, and Salto brewery was born.

We see brewing beer as art as well as science. We don't just draw creative inspiration from the pioneers who developed and mastered brewing techniques. We think it's just as important to give a nod to the rebels who ripped up the rule book.

Our motivation comes from our friends, supporters, and from the vibrant, ever-changing city we proudly call home. We are driven by the spirit of exploration, innovation, and passion for beer and brewing. We believe in developing crisp, bold flavors, with a unique and recognizable Salto twist.

For us brewing is an adventure just as much as a business, and your Salto beer was made with the same inspiration and passion as the beer we started brewing in small batches for our friends, years ago. We hope you enjoy sharing the adventure with us.

From 2018 every Salto beer is proudly brewed in our hometown Belgrade, Serbia.


Pivara Salto doo
Patrijarha Dimitrija 24
11000 Beograd